Innovators Make Teaching Less Intimidating at Southeast Homeschool Expo

August 4, 2014


If you ended up in, say, AP Chem, your high school self likely stressed about its course content, but you probably never thought your instructor could have a hard time delivering it.

While these kinds of specialized instructors are obviously capable of understanding and imparting class material, there are scenarios where a single educator is asked to cover multiple course subjects, resulting in rushed lessons and lectures beyond his/her area of expertise.

This is the problem we saw homeschool educators grappling with when we attended the Southeast Homeschool Expo in Atlanta. We learned that while homeschooling is a very effective approach to education, it doesn’t exist without its fair share of challenges. The most striking was the concern homeschool educators have about teaching subjects they don’t feel confident in.

This group is actively searching for solutions to their unique needs - it’s part of the reason they even attend events like SEHS. It gives them a chance to interact with innovative companies working hard to find answers to their woes.

Likewise, we checked out exhibitors that offered very specific solutions and unique approaches to academic subjects such as programming, finance, chemistry, economics, and much more. It was encouraging to see so many creative thinkers hunkering down on individual subjects.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Youth Digital offers highly interactive online courses in programming and technology skills. Their down-to-earth team has helped over 15,000 students with their courses.

Higher Rock Education focuses on providing supplementary course material on economics.

Writing Strands is an inspiring series of books focused on english composition.

GPA's LoveMath curriculum provides material on a per-grade basis (Pre-K to 5th), including up to 200 lessons a level. The ‘Engage’ feature facilitates communication between the parent and child, and the ‘Motivate’ feature is a reward system for a child's effort and successes.

Bits, Bytes, and Bots offer a variety of classes, from robotics to game development and animation. They specialize in on in-person teaching and have ten locations across the country.

Riff Academy is a source for online music lessons, catering to all ages and levels of skill.

Fascinating Education boasts a righ-brained logic-limbo approach to chemistry, biology, and physics. Check them out to see what we mean!

Championship Chess specializes in teaching problem solving and logical thinking through the game of chess. Put it this way, the two young kids we played at the booth beat us quite convincingly.

These programs give educators access to the quality content they need to teach this content. We’re thrilled to have connected with them. Thanks to the Cobb Galleria and Southeast Homeschool Expo for putting on a great event!



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