Three Great Examples of Using Shopify In An Online Training Program

April 7, 2016


Looking for an easy way to sell your courses? It may be time to turn to Shopify.

While most online course building software will allow users to sell their training to consumers, occasionally a school might need a more robust ecommerce tool. An online school, for example, might want to:

  • sell bundles of courses.
  • run deals.
  • use a subscription model to sell training.
  • allow learners to browse a large course catalog easily.

In those cases, marketing managers or instructional designers who are running an online school may want an LMS that provides a Shopify integration.

Shopify is an online ecommerce site that allows users to set up online stores and retail point of sale systems. If you aren’t familiar with it as a website administrator, you may have experienced it as a consumer, for example when shopping with boutique retailers who haven’t developed their own ecommerce functionality. Company websites that are primarily dedicated to promotion but that also have a merchandise page may use an ecommerce tool like Shopify.

Now online schools are discovering the benefits of using a robust ecommerce integration.  They can use Shopify to sell training in an online store, to market courses and to manage payments through the service. Below are three great examples we’ve been admiring at SchoolKeep.

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GetElected is an online school dedicated to politics. Its courses teach aspiring political candidates to finance, run and win campaigns.

GetElected uses Shopify to manage a large catalog of courses, according to SchoolKeep’s director of sales, Ben Wagner.

Shopify allows users to sort courses by topic and price. Shopify’s shopping cart also allows learners to buy discounted bundles of courses.

“You might need to buy six or seven courses at the same time and get a discount on those courses,” says Wagner.

The Economist Group’s school also uses Shopify to host deals and manage and market a large selection of courses.

“They actually have probably 40 or 50 experts who will teach courses on business and data, leadership and management,” Wagner says.

Because the authority and expertise of the individual instructors might be as important in this case to the students as the company presenting the course, “ wanted learners to be able to search for the different instructors who are teaching those courses.”

The Packaging School

The Packaging School is a packaging industry certification program; an online alternative to traditional packaging educational program.

Because The Packaging School partners with large institutions to deliver its training, it needs to sell batches of seats at a time. “They're going to have a university come to them and they're going to need to purchase 20 or 40 seats,” explains Wagner. “The big thing that they want to do is bulk purchasing.”

The challenge is that many learning management systems and course building tools are able to only sell one seat in a course at time. Shopify is able to solve that problem because it works well with bulk purchasing.

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce tool

Not all schools need Shopify; some organizations have only a few courses, some aren’t selling training and others need only the ecommerce basics. But organizations that need more control over how their courses are sold should consider looking beyond their LMS’s native commerce tool.

“For customers who might want to take their online store to the next level, we recommend that they use Shopify,” says Wagner. “That gives you all the flexibility of the tools Shopify has.”

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