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April 11, 2016



Customer education is becoming a critical part of customer success, and as more organizations recognize that, they are creating a new position devoted to it — the Customer Education Manager, who oversees customer education strategies. This new role arises from the need that growing companies have to onboard new customers and retain old ones and to ensure that existing training programs support core organizational goals.

It may seem that this role could be relegated easily to an employee in customer success, but it’s crucial that a serious program for customer education have at least one employee devoted to it. A manager of customer education makes it their business to reduce churn and to manage the customer community. It’s their job to ensure customers are able to help themselves to content that will make the customers better users of your product. It’s also their job to be the bridge between customers and company and advocate for the customer’s learning needs.

Who is the Customer Education Manager, and what do they do?

Once in place, the Customer Education Manager owns an organization’s customer education strategy and is responsible for its implementation.

This includes (but is not limited to) curriculum design, delivery, technology, and maintenance. Their day-to-day work will include measuring learner engagement, course completion rates, and enrollment. They will focus on reducing churn, support costs, and support tickets. They will also spend a lot of time coordinating with marketing to drive lead generation.

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Depending on the organization, the Customer Education Manager might report to the Vice President of Customer Success, or they could be a part of the marketing team. But in order to do her job well, the Customer Education Manager will have to be able work with every department in your organization — product, marketing, sales, and customer success — in order to leverage the knowledge of your organization as a whole.

While they will be capable of leading their own team, they are highly likely to be managing the customer education program on their own. At this point, many Customer Education Managers have to prove the ROI of their efforts before senior leadership will invest in developing a customer education team.

That's why if your business is serious about building a team to handle your customer education strategy it's important to hire the right person for the role of Customer Education Manager the first time.

So who should you be looking for? You might think the Customer Education Manager would need a background in instructional design, but that’s not necessarily the case. Anyone with a content strategy background, including those with marketing or support experience, could also be a great fit, as could candidates with educational leadership experience. Don't limit your search!

Finally, let’s consider what a job description for this critical position would look like. Each company’s needs will be different, of course, as will be the way this position is aligned with others. But the generic job description below should help you get started on your search for the right person.

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Customer Education Manager

The Customer Education Manager is an experienced content and education leader, charged with taking our training content to the next level. You will be the point of contact for our customers and their voice within our organization. You’ll respond to their questions, bug reports, requests, and general feedback. You’ll create content for our blog, make how-to videos, teach live training classes, and create, and implement our customer training strategy.


  • Provide confident direction of self-service Help Desk documentation strategy, curriculum rollout, and general content organization and vision.
  • Work closely with leadership.
  • Work with Product and Marketing to prepare and publish content to coincide with major product launches.
  • Ensure existing content is accurate, properly curated, and consumable in a self-guided format.
  • Communicate one-on-one with customers via email, answering their questions and troubleshooting issues.
  • Write documentation and blog posts for our customers.
  • Assist with live online training classes and recorded how-to videos.
  • Act as the voice of our customers for product decisions and development.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and impeccable attention to detail
  • Ability to quickly learn on the job
  • Enjoy educating customers on exciting new features and industry best practices.
  • Previous team management experience and enjoy leading individuals and projects
  • Familiarity with ticketing, customer engagement, and CMS solutions
  • Comfortable in a rapid, technology-driven environment
  • Familiarity with our product is a big bonus




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